“Art is an intended transmission onto an audience of self-game and individualized that the artist experienced and clarified by means of line, shape, colors, sounds, action and/or words. ” – Tolstoy 1896

Growing up as an only child, Nyasha aka Paula, occupied herself with art as a hobby.

She has tried out and taught herself different art techniques before having the opportunity art school at Peter Birch in 2018 after she had finished high school. She currently holds a First-Class degree in Fine Art from Chinhoyi University of Technology. With skills in painting, mixed media, sculpting and photography, she has participated in a number of group art exhibitions and fairs. Some of these include a solo 2022- “Hue Dialogue”, “When you master your seat, and you can’t get out of your house”(Village Unhu) and more.
My work as a fine artist is inclined towards evoking conversation among the viewers and is largely inspired by text.
As an introvert, I thrive to connect to the world around me through my art, for them to see the world through my eyes for a moment. This I do by using colorful hues, various forms of media and handwritten text expressing my thoughts, feelings and expressions.
Sample some of my artwork…